It’s Time, Time to Save Wycombe Wanderers

This is a vote to save Wycombe Wanderers Football Club. It might not be nice to think that way, but that is the long and short of it. We’ve arrived at a(nother) crossroads in our history. What do I mean by ‘save’? Honestly, it’s hard to be exact – but I at least mean preserve … Continue reading It’s Time, Time to Save Wycombe Wanderers

Analysis: Wycombe 3-3 Peterborough

Is the home record still inact? ✔️ Is every single one of those lads an utter legend? ✔️ Are we still second in League One? ✔️ Good, that's that cleared up. Some thoughts on another Adams Park classic (by the way, thanks to Peterborough for wearing their third kit and ruining my graphics – *ahem*). … Continue reading Analysis: Wycombe 3-3 Peterborough

The Story of the Season: 2019/20 (Part 1)

Here we are already. Only a quarter of teams in League One have played a quarter of the season - largely due to Bury's demise - but we're one of them. Let's take a book back at the first 11 games and associated events; it's been quite a ride so far. Cast your minds back … Continue reading The Story of the Season: 2019/20 (Part 1)

Analysis: Rochdale 0-3 Wycombe

Oh look! We're back to second (or joint top, depending on how you think tables work) after a week in the doldrums of third. One step closer to our rightful place then. Everything just came together for this one. Let's take a deeper look... The Main Talking Points That Elusive Away Win A first … Continue reading Analysis: Rochdale 0-3 Wycombe

Wycombe’s Wandering Woes: What’s Wrong?

We have travel sickness and, unfortunately, the players can't just take a Joy-Ride or wear one of those accupressure bands - well, unless they're feeling nauseous on the coach to the game and that's part of the problem. It's hard to put a positive spin on one away league* win in 13 and four since … Continue reading Wycombe’s Wandering Woes: What’s Wrong?