Chairboys Central began life in July 2019 – at the dawn of a new era for Wycombe Wanderers, as it happened – with the aim to provide in-depth and varied independent written coverage of this great club of ours – supported by a lively Twitter presence. There had been a real gap in independent coverage of Wanderers for some time, but I like to think Chairboys Central has gone some way to plugging that gap. In time, I’d love for the site to become the go-to indepenent Wycombe destination.

Thanks to every single one of you who’s read/followed/mentioned me in your book (hi Neil) – it is much appreciated. Thanks also to Dan Clark – whose design skills have helped make things actually look nice – and everyone who’s written a guest piece. 2019/20 was one hell of a season to kick things off with; now we go again – in the Championship!



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