Oh Trevor Said…

…take the money from Rob Couhig

There’s a flag out there – hopefully we’ll see it today – paying tribute to Rob Couhig. The Louisiana state flag sits in the top-left quadrant, our badge in the bottom-right, and “Yeah, I’m A Wanderer” adorns the St George’s Cross. It could hardly be more relevant as we prepare to officially welcome our new benefactors from across the pond. Only the flag isn’t new; it first surfaced on Twitter about six weeks ago.

That’s how quickly the Couhig family – Rob, Missy, Pete – became a part of the Wycombe family. That’s how quickly they endeared themselves to us – most of us anyway, which the near 95% approval gained in the all-important recent vote would seem to reflect. The 21 naysayers proved as resistant as a sandbag in a tsunami; this was unanimous.

Came from America / Now he’s a Wanderer

So here we are, out of the woods of apprehension and gazing at the plains of potential before us. We know we’re not being bankrolled – sustainability is the word – but we’re also not staring two million quid’s worth of debt in the face and bracing ourselves for an unceremonious plummet to the National League. The Championship is a very real possibility – maybe not this season, maybe not next, but it is and you’re well within your right to feel giddy at the prospect.

This might all sound like I’m getting carried away. I’m not; I’m just as positive as the majority of supporters about the dawn of the Couhig era. We’ve struck up (or at least finalised) two new commercial partnerships in the last week alone, which, while maybe not a thrilling footballing development, can be seen as an indicator of the much-needed business acumen in action already. There’s now a Worldwide Wanderers store – the domestic one will surely finally be given some TLC very soon – and the catering outside the ground has been steadily improving ever since the first ball was kicked back in August (and now they can get to work on sorting out the kiosk carnage inside). Footy-wise, we’ll have to wait and see what January brings, but there’s bound to be room for a couple of decent loanees.

Yeovil said no / So he came to see Bayo

Bickering and division seemed like they were going to define the whole process at one stage. Even in the last few days, there’s been apparent outrage from Legacy Members who hadn’t had the full results couriered to them by specially trained golden eagle. Now would be the time to move on. Now would be the time to revel in what this exceptional bunch of players are doing on the pitch at the moment. Now would be the time to embrace the next exciting chapter in our great club’s 132-year history.

Just to finish, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: no one is above scrutiny – and you know what, maybe this could go all wrong (reality itself isn’t scriptable). But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t welcome Rob, Missy and Pete with open arms as three of our own. No one’s ever disputed the fact that Wycombe Wanderers Football Club is of business interest to them – but you’d have to be a right Graeme Souness to think this whole venture isn’t about much more than that. They want us. We want them. It won’t be a welcome or an introduction, but let’s give them a reception to remember at 2:45. And unfurl that flag!


Now we’re on a trip / All the way to the Championship

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