The Opposition View: Wycombe v Accrington

Ahead of tonight’s game, here’s Josh Cook from Stanley fanzine Raw Milk with an “unpausterised” Accy perspective.

What have you made of your start to the season? Well it’s not been great. One win up to now and we still don’t really look like we know our best team. We need some points on the board as soon as possible. I think we may see some changes in personnel sooner rather than later as it’s just not been working really. We’ve brought in some exciting loan players who looked good at the weekend. I think they can only be a positive thing.

What are the expectations for Stanley this season? Have they changed since the start of the campaign? The expectation for us is to just stay in the division and we always know that’s a big ask. Expectations haven’t changed since the start of the season, we’ve just seen how hard it’s going to be again.

Who have been your standout performers so far and why? Jordan Clark is our go-to man at the minute in the absence of Billy Kee through illness and, more recently, Sean McConville with suspension. Most of our attacking flair will run through him. Sam Finley looks as though he’s improved on himself over the summer, with some captain’s showings in the middle. As well as that, look out for our new front two [Dion Charles and Colby Bishop], who were both playing sixth tier football last term.

Wycombe fans will probably be fairly familiar with your style of play, but just sum it up. Have you been trying anything different recently? It’s all very similar to what you’re used to by now – we probably know each other more than any other side after the last couple of years. Expect a bright start, trying to hit you early and get in front. Other than that, we play out from the back and look to penetrate with quick, passing balls out to the wingers.

How do you see the game going? Feel free to make a prediction! I think we’d take a point, with the start you’ve had and the fact it’s a Tuesday. So we’ll have about 50 fans there making no noise whatsoever. The funny thing watching Stanley is that they always seem to pull a surprise out of the bag when you least expect it. I hope that’s against you. I’ll go 1-2.


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