A Quick Chat with… Rob Couhig

Yeah, he’s a Wanderer. I fired a few questions across the pond ahead of Saturday’s big game. Here’s what Rob had to say about the Chairboys’ global support, the prospect of a rocking Adams Park on Saturday, beer, hot dogs and more…

How are you preparing for Saturday’s big game? What are your plans for watching?

We have purchased flags; one will fly in front of our bookstore in St. Francisville, LA, and the other in front of our home in New Orleans. Of course, we have ordered iFollow passes (everyone outside the U.K. and Ireland should) and expect to watch it at home with my pup. I have tried to resolve a matter long scheduled for a client that prevents my travel this week. Unfortunately, the piper must be paid and I must remain stateside.

Have you managed to convert many of your friends in the States into Wanderers supporters yet?

Yes. In fact while the WorldWide Wycombe Wanderers fan base long pre-existed me; they have truly welcomed us aboard. I think all supporters recognize how important it is for each of us to be ambassadors and introduce new people to the team and encourage them to be supporters. I feel comfortable in saying our encouragement with family and friends throughout the world had helped contribute to the phenomenon. Now we have to have our fans in High Wycombe introduce new people to the Wanderers experience.

We’re on course for a bumper crowd. Adams Park could be the fullest you’ve seen it yet. How excited are you about that possibility and what would it mean to you?

It’s exciting and a real test for the fan base. Top game in the UK this weekend, good weather, a full squad – there should be no impediments to a huge attendance. A large crowd will mean the supporters of the club have encouraged new supporters to attend. That is what is needed. Assuming that the crowd is as large as you describe it means great things down the road for the club. Most importantly, it should help the team to success on the pitch by demonstrating support for their efforts and success to date.

What are your latest ideas for getting more people through the turnstiles at Adams Park/getting the area excited about their team?

I think we have had a great success with our online TicketCo arrangement. We will be expanding options for fans to pre-order merchandise, food and drink in the near future. This week we will try to move beer sales faster with multiple lines. I am still looking for a better hot dog experience, which I’m told is in progress.

The lads in general have been fantastic, but who’s been the most exciting player for you to watch so far?

I honestly can’t say. I think the magic of this team is that virtually every week there’s a new hero. I like the way they all play selflessly but at the same time confident in their own ability. We are so deep and talented and with the season so young, I am going to reserve judgment.

When are you next over for a game?

We expect to be over for the Accrington match and stay through Portsmouth. On the 19th, I will attend a supporters meeting with Gareth and Trevor to discuss details of the purchase.

A controversial one… Adams Park or the Superdome?

Adams Park, particularly when it’s filled with fans, the weather is good, the fans are getting the experience they deserve, and the team wins! That’s why we are upset we can’t be with you this weekend. Yeah, I’m a Wanderer!

It’s good…
…but it’s not this.

Finally, what’s your prediction for the game?

A wonderful experience and a great opportunity to bring back old fans and introduce new ones to the Wycombe Way with great weather, good food and drink, effortless ticketing and the excitement of being part of something larger than ourselves. I expect the lads will acquit themselves in their usual fashion: exciting until the end. I am envious of everyone who can physically go to the game.

Still umm-ing and ahh-ing about coming on Saturday? Stop that and buy a ticket here.

Main photo: Ben Prior-Wandesforde | Superdome photo: B&C Hubbard via Flickr. Used under license.

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