We Go Again

Gareth Ainsworth gets derided by some for saying this after a setback. I’ve never really understood why.

So often in football, what happens next is the most important thing: a goal; that victory to snap a winless run; the first signing of a tumbleweed-quiet transfer window; much-needed, long-awaited investment after having to cut your cloth down to a handkerchief; the start of the new season after the annual summer lull. In this game, in one way or another, you’re always going again.

And here we are, about to re-enter the wild world of League One, ready to make unlikely enemies, rattle giants and defy the odds once more. And this time, the ride might just be even more enjoyable. Gareth’s still here after we were all convinced he’d performed his final act; things are looking up on the transfer front thanks to fresh financial backing from across the pond; we get to pit our wits against a former European champion of sorts, (hopefully) a club vying for Champions League qualification in the not-too-distant past, and Sunderland; the ‘Bucks derby’ is back (more on that in a few weeks); that lad Paul Smyth looks like he might be alright… The anticipation is palpable.

We’ll be ‘going again’ amid a decidedly positive atmosphere – which is more than can be said for some in this shitshow of a division. Coventry find themselves in exile for the second time in seven seasons; stricken Bury don’t seem out of the woods yet and will begin the season on -12 points; Bolton have taken the same hit and are in such turmoil that doubts are being raised about whether our opening game will take place. When you consider those sad stories, it makes our recent concerns seem utterly trivial. Things are fine in HP12.

Bolton situation depending, we go again in just under two weeks. As it stands, we probably have one of the weakest four squads in the league on paper. Hopefully any signings we’re still to make will improve that somewhat, but to be honest, we know by now that it doesn’t particularly matter anyway. There’s no reason to believe that our punching above our weight is going to stop – and actually, with the backing of Rob Couhig and co., we’re possibly in a slightly stronger position than we were this time last year. All of that, along with the season’s worth of League One experience (most of) this side now have under their belts, should inspire plenty of optimism. That’s not to say we’re going to break into the top half all of a sudden – let’s not be silly – but why can’t we improve on 17th and 53 points?

Some uncertainty does linger – namely that surrounding the investors’ planned bid for a controlling stake – but find me a League One or Two club where that’s not the case to some extent. Besides, given the impact that Rob and his team have already had in the few weeks since they arrived, there’s every chance that they’ll win over even the most stubborn of sceptics – by which I mean those determined to defend fan ownership even if it means sacrificing our League status (odd, I know). 

Anyway, consider this the beginning of Chairboys Central. If you want to read a bit more on the blog’s aims and whatnot, head here. Otherwise, I hope you like what you see. This is all for today; tomorrow and throughout the season, whatever it brings, we go again.

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